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Dear Fast Slow Motion Team,

Thanks for taking the time last week to talk with us about your vision for the project. I wanted to take the time and create this custom page on our website to follow up with some of our/my thoughts.


The concept you're going for with this project is really the Six Foot Five bullseye project. We love making people sound smart and look cool doing whatever it is that they do. I'll let the work speak for itself. Here are a few documentary style videos we've created for other brands over the past few years:

Documentary Brand

This video has a very similar form to the concept you're hoping to accomplish. This piece was specifically created as a resource for their HR department to use when onboarding new employees, and in recruiting new talent. 

We've shot this kind of doc all over the world. Here's a story we told for Compassion International in Uganda. 

Taziki's created a spot about providing Hope - Herbs Offering Personal Enrichment.

This is my little brother, who Mollie knows, We created this video to help him kick off his new business. More info on that project here

We'll make your people look great - here's a few screen grabs from past interviews we've done.

To keep the costs down AND production value as high as HAVE to partner with a production team that is great at the "run-n-gun" style film making. Again, this is us. 

Here are a few more narrative spots we've shot with a similar crew size as we're pitching to you guys. 

Run & Gun Crew

Nexus - Choose Life

The Preserves by Alabama Power Company Shorelines

Thanks For Your Time

If you made it this far, thanks! Hopefully this page did a good job proving that we would knock this project out of the park. If you have any more questions - or you'd like to see more let us know. 


Thanks again,







Taylor Robinson



Audra Whaley



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