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The Kings Wild Project

Six Foot Five’s intersection with The King’s Wild Project is really a tale of two brothers…


Six Foot Five’s director and owner Taylor Robinson set out to help make his brother’s dreams come true a few years ago…and boy did they ever!


And it all happened through selling luxury playing cards on Kickstarter. 


A few years later, and over $800,000 raised on Kickstarter and other platforms…you’ve got a good ol’ fashioned American-Dream-Come-True-Story. 


But this isn’t a story about chance, or luck. It’s a story about incredible craftsmanship, paired with fantastic storytelling. 


So let’s start at the beginning…Once upon a time, a kid had a dream to draw some cards…(watch the video)

The first Federal 52 project had a funding goal of $7,990…and in 40 days it raised $149,156 on Kickstarter.


Then we went back for more.

The second Federal 52 Campaign had a funding goal of $16,000, and went on to raise $188,005 in 40 days on Kickstarter!


You can see where this is going. So we’ll sum it up.

We partnered with the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate to create a set of Sherlock Holmes playing card decks. That project raised over $100k.

We shaved his head live and on camera for a deck dedicated to the US Army. That project raised over $21k.

We did a project in collaboration with inXile and their popular Wasteland role playing video game. More than $90k raised on KS.*

And, we helped introduce Jackson’s most incredible feat yet (in our opinion)…a completely hand engraved…the old fashioned way…from scratch…deck of cards…raising over $75k.

There’s more to the list, AND we have a few projects already planned for the near future.

This whole story is proof that if you're trying to get a response out of people,  just tell them a GREAT story that they can believe in.

Fortunately, at Six Foot Five, we're the best at telling these kinds of stories.


For more information about The Kings Wild Project check out their website.

To start a conversation with us (Six Foot Five) about creating content that will make your dreams come true, give us a shout

*In the Wasteland video above, they mention the documentary film Capital C that was produced by Father And Son. Father And Son reached out to Six Foot Five about using some of our cinematography in their movie. In fact, if you ever get to see the movie you’ll notice that they used our cinematography for the entire title sequence that opens the movie.

Captial C's IMDB


Taylor Robinson



The Kings Wild Project

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