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Hello Ashton,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us about your upcoming Christmas video. I know you are still working on nailing down the final script but I wanted to take a moment and send you a short snippet about the different levels of production we are able to do to help bring your dreams to life. As a full service production company, we tell stories many different ways. I thought it might be helpful to organize the rest of this page based on the "style" or "type" of narrative video we can do to help you tell your Christmas story based on where you guys decide to land creative wise as well as budget wise. 

Live Action

This style of video is more like a movie shoot. It is the high-end production where you get exactly what you want because it offers the most control. Every shot is planned, every line written, work with professional actors, and/or the actual personalities. Every little detail is looked over with a fine tooth comb even before the camera comes out of the bag. 

Typically - this type of production comes with the highest price tag because of how many professionals it takes to pull it off. 

Late in 2018, Big Oak Ranch wanted to create a piece that not only explained who they are but inspired people to get involved to help bring hope to others. For more info on this project click here

Compassion International wanted to highlight vulnerable girls throughout the world and did so through telling the story of Yanelly. To see more on this project, click here.

 Live Action -

"Run & Gun" Crew

This style of video is like the previous one but the crew is much smaller, think 3-5 people. With the right story, this kind of production is perfect. 

Nexus - Choose Life

Documentary Style

Interviews are tricky sometimes - but almost NOTHING beats a great interview from someone who is passionate about what they're talking about. Over the years, we've honed our skills at creating videos in this style - and letting the actual people tell the story themselves. 

Compassion International partnered with Beth Moore's Ministry to create a new campaign entitled "Watch Her Rise." This is the story of Merembe.

This is a video we created to help my little brother make his dreams come true. More info on this project here

Animation / GFX 

With motion design AND animation you can literally do anything - and go anywhere. And, telling a story like this is a TON of fun IF the style fits the content. 

GENERATE Camps created this video to tell the story of Dwayne for one night of their summer camp.

Jim India -

Compassion International


Thanks for taking the time to sift through all this. I wouldn't be surprised if this page gives you as many questions as it does ideas, and I'd love to discuss any of it with you.

Again, this is a good breakdown of what we do in the storytelling world. We've also done long-form documentary, informational videos, corporate stuff, hype videos, etc. But you specifically mentioned wanting to partner with someone who's good at storytelling and funny - so I'm trying to stack the deck in that direction. 

I'd love to follow up with a phone call if you're game. Thanks again for your time. 

Audra Whaley


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