Hello LaShana & Amanda, 

Thank you for your time last week. We're excited about this project. The one thing we want people (teachers specifically) to do after watching this piece is to book a field trip to Vulcan. I believe part of that is showing how inspiring a trip to Vulcan can be. And the magic in our spot is seeing it from the perspective of a kid. 

I think from a style standpoint, it would serve our story nicely to shoot it handheld. You can build lots of energy that way. It's fast and fun. And we want to show the world from the height of a student. We see things from their perspective. 

Before we get too far down the road. I think it's easier to show. I mentioned this series of videos we did in our meeting. They're all different stories that highlight a different product offering from YM360. We then took all the pieces and cut them together for their Anthem piece. 

YM360 Event Resources

YM360 Bible Study




YM360 Anthem

So for our piece, this is what I'm thinking. I'd like to start on the bus, if at all possible. The kids are singing. That classic field trip energy. Our sound bed is what carries us from scene to scene. We meet up with our happy tour guide who is going to lead us on an adventure. It's a mix of the tour, but what makes our piece is the kids faces. Their reactions.


It's important to note one thing. Who is the hero in our story? It's the teacher. They're our audience and they need to see Vulcan as a tool they can use to inspire. So, with that, I think that this piece hangs is it's hat on moments. Moments where the students are in awe, a moment at the picnic table where the teacher asks, "What's your favorite part so far?" and they're bombarded with answers. Then the moment at the end, the students are looking out over the city and we hear, "Class, time to go." And one student lingers a bit longer. We see their eyes, their smile, and then to a wide shot of them walking away. Art Card. 

I want beautiful close ups. Eyes. Smiles. Then wide establishing shots. The camera swims behind kids as they explore. 


From a shooting perspective and how we build our day, I'd like to actually walk through the tour with our students. We'll have them do things multiple times. For the most part, we let the tour dictate the flow. We may shoot some things out of order based on the position of the sun. The things we want to fight for are the moments of awe and excitement in the students, the moment with the teacher, and the sound bites from our tour guide that make Birmingham sound awesome. 

We cut all this together and we have our magic. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I want this to be a conversation.

Thanks for your time,


Ryan Whaley




Audra Whaley