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Virtual Reality

(watch the demo first)

Cool huh?


At first, we thought virtual reality was probably just another gimmick devised in some Hollywood executive office to make more money. Here at Six Foot Five, Story is King, so we tend to shy away from things unless they help us tell stories well. Turns out, we were wrong. Virtual Reality is a new, incredible tool that can be used to tell stories in a whole new way. Once we figured that out, we went all in.


We offer a completely immersive experience with spatial (360º) audio. It’s a new technology so we deliver on multiple platforms including Oculus, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. If you’re looking for a new fresh way to tell your story, Virtual Reality is the answer…and we’re experts.


Here are a few finished projects we've done in VR.

Step into my shoes

Compassion international

We had the privilege to partner with Compassion International to create an interactive Bible study curriculum. Each lesson featured a child living in poverty in the Philippines. We created a "regular" video for each lesson, and then we created an additional VR 360º video. These VR videos were designed to give families at home in the US an up-close and personal glimps into the lives of the children they had already been talking about. The following video is from Lesson 4 where they had been introduced to Heugene and his sister Eunice's story. To learn more about the project go to

I'm a title. click to edit me / NYC, NY
I'm a title. click to edit me / Austin, TX

Generate Camp

Youth Ministry 360 wanted to show Youth Pastors what a day at  GENERATE camp was like. Virtual Reality was the answer. They used trade shows in the winter to send hundreds of people to camp right then and there. From morning Bible Studies, to serving the community, to Dodgeball, they were able to experience it all.

The Haiti Experience

We traveled to Haiti to tell the story of how Compassion changed Abbel’s life virtual reality. The following is the VR video that viewers watched using Oculus head sets.

And here's the "regular" video we created to help Compassion promote this Haiti Experience in VR. 

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