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Selected works from Six Foot five

prepared by Taylor Robinson

First off, thanks for giving us a seat at the table for this conversation.


The creative on this is excellent for this campaign, and we absolutely have the experience and expertise to knock it out of the park.

Here are the things I see in the creative that are important to keep in mind for production.

  • We're working with real people, not actors. We have to make them look like rock-stars, and that begins and ends with their experience on set. This cannot be overstressed. We excel at making the "process" as awesome as the finished product for everyone involved. 

  • The all-white studio setting (handled correctly) is a fantastic choice. All-white allows us to make each moment as dramatic as we wish, really focus the viewers attention where we want it, and visually set these spots apart from what viewers are used to with "healthcare spots."

  • Since the set will be minimal, art-direction will be key. Since we're leaving so much of what viewers expect to see only makes what we do leave in more important. We'll pay very close attention to every non-human element that will be on screen. 

Here's some work we've done in the past that shows off our abilities to execute this creative well. 

A few healthcare spots where we used the real people and not actors. 

A few that show our ability to get in and shoot beautiful footage of the important details.

Thanks for your time

We really love this idea and feel that it will not only get new students excited about their upcoming time at Samford but we also hope that it will fan the flames of current and former students' love for Samford and the home that it has become for them. 

Thanks again,

Taylor Robinson


Audra Whaley


More of our work

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