Virtual Reality



So the hard part about making estimates without a clear picture of the final deliverables is...just that...we have to know what we're making before we can say how much it'll cost to make it. You understand. 


I also want to say - this is our favorite kind of project - where we get to be a part of the dreaming phase...pitch ideas...then go make it.


I propose we make the following content:

  • One 10 minute VR “video” that churches can use to give their congregations a “trip around the world” without having to buy a single plane ticket. (When Helping Hurts)



Here’s a promo video we made a few years ago for VR that kind of gives you an idea of what we’re talking about. The VR headset is what makes the experience special - but if you watch this on a laptop or phone you can see how you look around 360º 

  • One 90 second promo video for the above experience. This video would be what you use to get pastors to say “yeah, bring that thing to my church.” Here’s a promo we made for Compassion’s VR experience a few years ago.

I'm a title. click to edit me / NYC, NY
I'm a title. click to edit me / Austin, TX

What's Needed

With all that being said - here's a 40,000 foot idea of what we need:



  • Concepting / Writing / Planning = could happen over zoom or I/we could meet you somewhere and chop it up.

  • Pre-production - after we have our creative lined up / we'd then hand it to the producer to chop up into it's many parts and make us a tentative schedule for the shoot



  • 3 - 4 man crew. (VR, video, photo, sound)

  • 4 days shooting (+2 travel days)

  • traditional video, VR, + photography (you'd be crazy not to get all 3 with us if you're sending us all that way. + more is better than less...and i'm betting our concept will have intersections between the formats)



  • Cut / Color / Mix the 10-12 minute VR video. VOs. Music. Transitions. Etc

  • Cut / color / mix the 90 second promo video.

  • Edit / process / prep all the photos for the big show.


All three of the above sections require good time. 


Audra, our head of production, and I have spent some time thinking through it...and if we're forced to throw numbers around...I think it's safe to you're going to end up somewhere in the $40-50k range + travel costs ($10-12k for a 4 man crew)


Those #s DO NOT include a shoot stateside for the promo video content. IE - the Haiti Experience promo linked above was shot in Colorado, with Compassion staff. If our “promo” video required us to shoot stateside then the budget would have to go up. I’m confident that we could dream up a good promo video idea that did not require a shoot stateside.


Roughly $50k - $60k


That’ll get you everything you need to make the content for the experience.

In addition you’ll need to get the gak situated for the experience.


Good VR headsets are $300 a pop…I’d say you get 12, 10 for using, and 2 backups. = $3,600

One final thing you’d need to consider is hiring someone to prep all the headsets, build you a system for transporting them across the country. Cases. Charging stations. Getting the videos on/in the head sets. Etc. You could probably make all of this happen for $3-4 k. With a technical wizard working for you for a week or so.

Again, thank so much for giving us the opportunity to pitch on this project. I believe our team is uniquely positioned to step in and knock this specific project out of the park for you.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either me or our producer, Audra Whaley.


Thanks again,







Taylor Robinson



Audra Whaley