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HELLO! Thanks so much for volunteering to pray for/with us this year at Secret Church. 

During Secret Church we will be featuring 10 different moments of prayer from all over the world. Your's will be one of them 

We've made it as easy as possible for you to get the prayer to us. 

Technically speaking - here are a few things that we want you to know/do before you record your prayer:

  1. Technically speaking, I don't want to say that sound quality is the most important thing for you to keep in mind- but SOUND IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU TO KEEP IN MIND. Please make sure you record someplace quiet ...with little to no background noise. 

  2. We want to see your face during the shoot it like a selfie. 

  3. Set your phone down on something at/around your eye level. Free up your hands. 

  4. There is no need for you to introduce your self...or really say anything before you begin praying.  Please spend a little time preparing for your prayer BEFORE you record. We don't want you reading the prayer word for word - but we also don't want you to just improvise. 

  5. We will trim the video file so please MAKE SURE your camera is rolling before you start talking, and let it keep rolling for a few seconds after you finish...we don't want you to get cut off. 

  6. If you're recording inside - get close to a big window and let the light from the window shine on your face. If you're outside - do it in the shade. 

  7. From a wardrobe stand-point...wear what you'd wear if we asked you to walk out on the stage and pray in front of 5,000 people at a live event. The camera loves solid colors (hint - hint). 

  8. Hold your phone horizontally (NOT vertically). 


Here's an example video that Taylor shot to show how easy this is!

Once you've recorded the prayer - click on the link below using your phone and the website will ask you what files you want to upload. Go to the video files on your phone and choose your video submission.


When you submit, you'll be asked to give us your email. 

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