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Samford University 

VISIT The Campus

Creative Treatment

written by Taylor Robinson

For this visit campus spot, I’d like to create a promo video that follows a kid through a visit trip. We’d stage it all, and work with actors to ensure that we can get everything we need.


We’d create a fun, emotionally driven video that shows the incredible impact simply visiting campus can have on the life of a young adult. We’d keep the “information” being delivered in the video at a minimum, for the sake of the story…but by the time it’s over the audience will have a very clear picture in their mind of what a visit looks like. 


Upon the approval of this concept, we’d all get back together and make a comprehensive list of the “things” we want to show. Tour. People mover. Food. Alabama theater. Etc. I can see this video ending with a small conversation between our hero and his/her parents about how incredible their time was on campus. 


From this meeting our team will go away and create a script/outline for the story we want to tell…and as soon as this outline is approved we’ll begin the big task of working out all the details. With a small-medium size crew, and plenty of planning I believe we can shoot this spot in two full days. 


Visually, I’d like for this spot to be quick, fun, and have high energy. Almost like a slice-of-life video that really allows for viewers to taste what the visit will be like. 


Here are a few spots we’ve created for previous clients that tell a story in a very similar fashion.

YM360 creates Bible study resources for youth retreats. This video tells the story of a single student who goes to a retreat utilizing one of their studies. This video is designed to emotionally appeal to youth ministers about the “why” behind what they do. 

We used this emotionally driven story to help Nexus get people signed up for new fitness classes. 

Similar to the other YM360 video above, this video tells the story of a young girl in a year long Bible study. Again, this piece is designed to emotionally appeal to youth ministers through the power of good storytelling. 

As the video ends our audience will be left wanting more, and to have a similar experience themselves. Our CTA will be simple, something like…”Every life changing experience has to start somewhere…visit Samford.”

I’m a firm believer that there’s NO BETTER way to communicate anything than to just tell a story about it. This idea does exactly that. 


If you guys like this approach, let us know and we'll get the ball rolling. We will need help from your team to do a lot of things (casting, set ups, locations, etc.), so let's get the ball rolling soon. 


Thanks for your time. 



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