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We are going to create a video that explores the deep connection that students, parents, and alumni have with Samford University. It’s not just that Samford is a fun place to go to school, that it’s engaging, or even that it’s a great institution that prepares you for the future. Samford is, of course, all of those things, but equally important is that this place becomes home to all those who come here, and home is something all together much more special.

Before we begin capturing footage for this video we want to understand why Samford becomes home to so many people. Below you’ll find 3 questions that we want a few “true believers” to answer.


You can type up your answers in an email to…or, even better, here’s a link to a simple Google Form you can use to enter your answers into.

Thanks for your time

We know you love Samford, and that this place has become a HOME for you. Thank you for helping us understand why.

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