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Safe Families - Video Concept

Director's Treatment

Written by: Taylor Robinson

Hello Julie and the whole Safe Families team. Thanks for giving us a seat at the table for this conversation. 

Per our conversation earlier this week, I understand that you're hoping to create a video for your upcoming fundraising needs. Specifically, it sounds like you guys are hoping to tell one of your amazing stories - and you want this story to pack a STRONG emotional punch. I can confidently say this type of storytelling is what we are the best at, specifically for non-profits. 

You also helped me understand your budget constraints, which is VERY helpful when dreaming up an idea for a video like this. You mentioned wanting to keep the budget at or below $7k-ish.

I believe that with this budget we can tell a story well, but we'll have to do it in a very cost effective way.

My initial recommendation would be for us to do something that tells a story using animation. This "style" of video allows us show all the important parts of our story without having to shoot much / anything. Here are some examples from our portfolio of this: 


This past spring I had the honor of directing David Platt's Secret Church. Here's a video that played during session 3 of Secret Church.  

(For security purposes - please do not share this video beyond those who need to see it for the purposes of our conversation.) 

Here's another story we told in the same style. This one includes an interview with the storyteller.

Based on your budget, I believe going with this style video is going to be your best option.

Obviously, a quick look through our website would tell you that we are experts at many different styles of videos (documentary, live-action narrative, narrative "slide-show")  but these style videos require multiple shoot days with multi-person crews to do them correctly. if you'd like more example of the different styles of videos we create - no problem.

In my opinion, the key to success for your project is picking the perfect story and then telling it well...HOW WE SHOW the story is in someways the story itself.

Thanks so much again for giving us a chance to throw this idea at you. Please let me or our Head of Production know if you have any additional questions.


Taylor Robinson


Audra Whaley



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