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Hello, I’m looking forward to the meeting coming up. Before we meet I think it would be great for you guys to get your head around my vision for the video. Also, I have a few example videos I’d love for you to watch before we meet at your convenience. 



Birmingham has come a long way. From the vacant lots, dilapidated warehouses and dirty skies to an award-winning park, bright skies and fresh activity. We’re redefining what modern Birmingham can be and nowhere is that more apparent than Parkside.

Historically, Birmingham is a city made of many, many communities (23). Many neighborhoods (99). Many districts. Many histories. Many viewpoints. Many backgrounds. Many needs…For the continued success and development of Parkside what we need now more than ever is a unified vision. 

I want to create a powerful anthem video that does three order of importance: 1) Presents the need for a unified vision for the future of Parkside, 2) causes excitement for the potential behind this development, 3) and features the beautiful, inspiring people/places of Birmingham. 


From a nuts-n-bolts stand point it will be important that this video clearly break down the details of the master Parkside development plan. 


But we’re going to wrap all these details in the warm blanket of emotion and inspiration. 


Obviously the script of our video isn’t written yet, but as the script and other creative elements come together we will make sure to show how both phases of development will work together to create a clear overarching vision for Parkside. 

  • Urban Supply - Gather Together.

    • At I 65, Parkside proper ends, and the City begins to transform back to a time before change began. To bring opportunity, beyond the western bounds of the district, Urban Supply will create connection.  We’re re-imagining single-story non-descript warehouses that historically supplied an urban populace into an urban common for today. A backyard and gathering place to serve the daily needs of area residents, nearby college students and shoppers wanting an urban experience. Here, you will find multi-use spaces housing fitness centers, healthy restaurant concepts and hip fashion retailers intermixed with open areas, study spots and dynamic architecture.

  • The Steamworks - Be Entertained.

    • At roughly mid-city, 20th Street South engages with Parkside at 1st Avenue South. It is here where Parkside makes a connection to the CBD, the southern suburbs and via the Rotary Trail to Lakeview, Sloss Furnaces, Pepper Place, Avondale, Woodlawn and points east. The Steamworks will soon transform into a destination for entertainment, excitement and exploration. A place for people to see and be seen.

Powell Avenue

Steam Plant

The Preserves by Alabama Power Company Shorelines

American Printing

McWhorter School of Pharmacy

Samford ESPN

Dylan - Chrysler: I hesitate putting someone else’s work on this page - but I absolutely LOVE this spot that Bob Dylan did for Chrysler a few years back. I would be aiming to create a similar sentiment with our video.

Thanks For Your Time

I am looking forward to connecting with you all tomorrow. In the mean time, if you need anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Thanks again,


Taylor Robinson



Audra Whaley



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