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Dear Chris & Knight Eady, 

I've given this a whole lot of thought. When people think about the new year and resolutions and new gym memberships and getting fit and eating better and self improvement and blah blah blah. What's the fall off rate? How quickly do people quit? Why do they quit? I haven't done in depth research or anything to answer this question, but I have a theory. People join planet fitness or the Y because that's what you do in the new year. They start. But they don't finish, for a number of reasons. The biggest reason, I believe, is a lack of coaching. The thing that separates Nexus from other gyms (crossfit and non-crossfit) is the coaching. There's intentionality and purpose behind everything at Nexus. From the way you design workouts, to the explanation, to the concentration on form, to the way you motivate (not scream) at your members. All of these factors are important. 

I want  to make a video about the coaches. I think the best way to do this, is to show. Don't tell.


We shoot the whole thing at 24 frames with a sound bed (example video below). 

So, we start in the early morning. Lights coming up. The garage is door going up. Jake sips his coffee. We focus on the coaches the whole time. It's a fast cut full of sound bites. 

"We want your heart to do this..." 

"Keep your chest up..." 

"Good, good squat whaley..."

Jake and the other coaches discussing meal planning for the new fitness challenge in January.

"Let's go. Breathe. Breathe." 

"Come on Scott. One more." 

"Big sprint here. Take it home." 

"You're not tired." 


Faster and faster and faster cuts. 

Then at the end the coaches having moments with members. They are giving them high fives. Checking on them. Post workout stretching.  

"We'll see you tomorrow." 

Text on screen: Coaching Matters 

Nexus Logo

This is the style we're going for with the cuts and sound design. 

I know this isn't as much hype as Chris was probably hoping for. If you don't like this and would prefer to go with something more amped up, we totally can. Just let me know. I have something for that. It'll be a VO and a ton of smashing barbells, rowing and some specific members looking straight in the camera like a bunch of badasses. But if you can separate yourselves from the pack with your coaching, I think that's a win. Especially for the people at the beginning of the year that have no idea where to start.

Let me know what you think. 




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