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The Multiplication Network  is doing wonderful gospel work around the world. 


Planting churches.

Strengthening churches.

Enabling local to share the gospel more effectively.


Praise God. 


We are going to create a virtual reality experience that tells the/a story of that GOOD work. This “experience” will be designed to take participants on a first hand vision trip, without them ever having to get on a plane. 


At Six Foot Five we are experts at telling these kinds of stories. It’s our “thing.” 


But before we can get on a plane and go shoot something, I think it’s important that we all understand the process of creating a virtual asset like this.


In order to do this well, you can break down the production process into 4 parts.

The Process

Finding the perfect story 

  • No doubt, MNM has hundreds of GREAT STORIES that we could tell. We want to find the perfect one. 

  • We’ll give you guys some simple thoughts/prompts/homework to get the engines running on your stories. You can share those thoughts/homework with whomever you like on your team. 

  • We’ll schedule a zoom conversation with your team and ours. On that call we’ll all have a chance to hear and talk through the stories we think might work. Our team will guide yours through this conversation, and we’ll be taking notes along the way. This call could end with us having a clear decision and direction…or it could end with 3 fantastic options for us to choose from. 

  • Our team will boil everything down and put together a rough outline for the story we want to tell and how we want to tell it. Your team will have the opportunity to review and approve the direction.


  • Now that we have our story. We plan the perfect shoot. 

  • Scripts. Locations. Settings. Crew. Days. Equipment. Talent. All the logistics. 

  • We hate surprises, unless they are good surprises. So we’ll plan as much as we can knowing that there will always be TONS of unknowns when you’re shooting internationally.



  • I call this part “Riding the lightning.”

  • Our crew will include a stills photographer, who will be capturing photography alongside the VR content.


Post Production

  • We get home with everything we were able to capture on the trip…and cut together the best possible experience.

  • This process ends with us handing over the following deliverables to you:

    • A 8-12 minute VR video that is optimized for viewing inside of standard VR headsets.

    • 75-100 edited photo selects from the trip

Previous VR Experiences

It’s been a few years since we created the videos below…and the technology and equipment behind VR has improved tremendously. All this to say, what we shoot for you guys will feature better looking and sounding video than even those videos have but should give you an idea of what we are able to create for you.

We traveled to Haiti to tell the story of how Compassion changed Abbel’s life virtual reality. The following is the VR video that viewers watched using Oculus head sets.

I'm a title. click to edit me / NYC, NY

We had the privilege to partner with Compassion International to create an interactive Bible study curriculum. Each lesson featured a child living in poverty in the Philippines. We created a "regular" video for each lesson, and then we created an additional VR 360º video. These VR videos were designed to give families at home in the US an up-close and personal glimpse into the lives of the children they had already been talking about. The following video is from Lesson 4 where they had been introduced to Heugene and his sister Eunice's story.

Youth Ministry 360 wanted to show Youth Pastors what a day at  GENERATE camp was like. Virtual Reality was the answer. They used this video at trade shows in the winter to send hundreds of people to camp right then and there. From morning Bible Studies, serving the community, playing dodgeball, they were able to experience it all.

One Last Thing

We are experts at creating the video content for this experience. But under the Six Foot Five roof, we don’t employ people who are considered experts at the exhibition of the content. 


So, after we delivered the final files to you, we would need to partner with some technical VR experts to develop the technical side of things. Buying headsets. Loading the video on them. Planning for the shipping of the headsets/experience around the country for churches to use. Etc. 

Thanks so much for your time. This is a very exciting project, and I’m personally looking forward to diving into the deep end with you.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either me or our producer, Audra Whaley.


Thanks again,







Taylor Robinson



Audra Whaley



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