Hi Success,

I hope you are all doing well. I’ve spent some good time thinking about this project, as well as the goals you explained in our initial meeting. I really believe that Six Foot Five will make a great partner for you in creating all of this content.


For IFEDIBA, there are multiple ways we can tell a powerful story. The options are literally limitless. That being said, knowing a budget and scope will really help us nail down the kind of video we should do. Obviously, IFEDIBA is not unlike all of our clients. If there are budget constraints, whatever we choose to do we want it to create it at the highest production level. 


Here are a few different styles of video we can produce paired with the kind of budget you can expect to go along with the said style:

Narrative Documentary 

This type of video is  the perfect mix of documentary/re-enactments/and interviews. 


The other great thing about this type of video is that we can make multiple versions for different outlets.


Below you'll see an example set we created for a wealth management firm here in town. Out of this production, they got two 30 second TV spots, one 15 second spot for YouTube, and a longer, more comprehensive promo for their website. 

Money Management Services - TV30A

Money Management Services - TV30B

Money Management Services - Full Promo

Depending on the concept we come up with this type of production could take us 2-4 days to shoot, which means that it's hard to determine a small budget range. However, you could expect for a production like this to cost between $35k and $100k. And that would be for everything including the delivery of final files. 

Here are a couple more spots we've created in this style all over the world:

Richmond - Compassion International

SPOC Automation - Lift Up

narrative live action

This style of video is more like a movie shoot. Where every shot is planned, every line written. Typically this spots feature professional actors, and/or the actual personalities. We would tell one or two short stories inside of the spot.


Again, the price tag on a project like this is hard to determine until the creative is decided. It all comes down to how long does our idea take to shoot? But you can expect something like this to be $40k+

Nexus - Choose Life

McWhorter School of Pharmacy - Samford University

Ship That Cow - Compassion International (comedy)


I could see something like this working very well. We’d create a creative thread that we could tie all of our stories together with…and then interview a bunch of different people in the same studio location in one day. If customer testimonials and success stories are what you want to focus on, I would suggest this type of video. This type runs from $25k+


Here are a few examples of videos we've created in this style:

Sunburst Financial - Narrative Planning

Animation / stop motion

This type of production, again, allows for us to control everything completely. These types of videos revolve around the script, and great motion design. We would build these spots to reflect your new website and brand. 

This style video is typically the most economical from the budget standpoint. You can expect a 30s spot in this style to be between $10k and $15k.


This type of video is something we’ve done a few times:

Commute Smart - TV Commercial

Jim India - Compassion International

Thanks for your time

Again, thank so much for giving us the opportunity to pitch on this project. I believe our team is uniquely positioned to step in and knock this out of the park for you.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either me or Audra. Also, if you'd like to see more examples of any of the above styles, let me know. We've got more to show. 


Thanks again,







Taylor Robinson




Audra Whaley