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Live Action

Hey Roger & Les,

Thank you for taking some time to look through our "a la carte" menu we are proposing for GENERATE Camps' videos for the upcoming 2023 summer. We know that this is a different way in which to go about figuring out what videos will fit well in the differing camp need slots, but ultimately we know that you guys utilize your videos in a variety of ways and we want to make sure that you get exactly what you want for both camp as well as the other avenues you need to fill. We also hope that going about creating a detailed list ahead of time will eliminate any surprises and everyone should know, before we even begin filming, what the plan is moving forward. Hopefully this will help ease the load and offer clearer communication in the absence of a creative director.

We have grouped the videos below into some general subheadings with both a video we have done in the past for camp, as well as a video we have filmed that is not camp related so you can somewhat compare. Each of the prices listed below are discounted across the board by 35%. 

 Live Action 

This style of video is allows for us to creatively plan out every detail and will be filmed by a crew size of 3-5 people.  With a small, versatile crew, we can typically knock out a shoot like this in a day. For this video type, it will come completely scripted. Most of these types of videos have previously fit under the nightly worship category or the morning funny category.


The price tag on a project like this is hard to determine until the creative is decided. However, videos like this typically run anywhere from $10-15k and include post. The price fluctuates based on the cast size as well as how long it takes to capture the content. Here are some examples of what we have done in this price range in the past:

Hey Jake

Every Convo Matters

Nexus - Choose Life

Lil' Proverb


Steel City Pops

Story - Documentary Style

One thing we have honed our skills at over the years is helping tell real stories of how the Lord has changed and impacted their life in a way that is relatable to the audience. This type of video is really the bread and butter of Six Foot Five. A video like this typically runs around $12k a piece and includes a day of filming plus post production. 

Johnny's Story

Dwayne's Story


Animation / GFX 

This type of production, again, allows for us to control everything completely. These types of videos revolve around the script, and great motion design. We would build these spots to reflect how you plan on using the video. 

This style video is typically the most economical from the budget standpoint. You can expect a 60-120s spot in this style to be between $7k and $15k.


This type of video is something we’ve done a few times:

Jim India - Compassion International

MYM App Promo

Countdown Clock & Motion Loop 

As we have done in the past, to create a standard countdown clock and motion loop, you are looking at $1500 for the pair. This is just using your artwork to create the pieces. If you would like something that is more custom or has a number of options (like the screen saving countdown clocks we created or the robot-voice clocks, those run around $3k for a set of 3).

Thanks For Your Time

Again, thank so much for giving us the time to look through what we believe will give you the best options for partnering with us for GENERATE videos this upcoming summer.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either me or Audra, our producer. Also, if you'd like to see more examples of any of the above styles, let me know. We've got more to show. 


Thanks again,







Taylor Robinson



Audra Whaley



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