Treatment by: Taylor Robinson

Around the world there are millions of children growing up in extreme poverty. Compassion is combatting the effects of that poverty by giving their sponsored children HOPE in the name of Jesus and through local churches. 


Children in poverty are some of the most venerable humans on the planet, more specifically young girls growing up in poverty are the MOST venerable of all humans. With so much at stake, and virtually little to no cultural power to rise above the devastating effects of poverty, girls growing up poor have very little chance of finding hope and escaping the grips of poverty. That is unless someone or something steps in and helps her find hope. That is exactly what Compassion is doing all over the world through child sponsorship. 


We want to make a video campaign that helps Compassion get these little girls sponsored all over the world. 


Hope Found Her


This concept is the one that came to the surface very quickly while we were meeting. The original inspiration for this piece came from the the Luta Clothing spot we watched. (video linked at the bottom of the page)


From a form standpoint, the Luta spot is a great example. Six Foot Five also has multiple spots we’ve done with Compassion that are similar in form. Key elements to point out would be, beautiful cinematography, a powerful pre-written script, a fantastic voice over that drives the narrative forward, and a building music score that helps to add tension at times and joy at others.

I want to use this form of video as the inspiration, but I think to really serve our purposes well we need to add a very strong emotional narrative element. I want to find a Compassion graduate that that you guys would consider a success…I know we have plenty to choose from. But I want to find one of them that has a smaller story from her life that is the perfect illustration of the transformative work Compassion did in her life. 


We have to find a moment-in-time from their past that lends it’s self to great visual cues we can use in our cinematography. By using a story like this we would really be able to utilize the fundamental secret ingredients of great storytelling, and cause our audience to HAVE TO KNOW what happens next.


To further expound on these story elements: we need to find a story from our hero’s past where we can really illustrate the HIGH stakes that these girls grow up in…things like: “I remember one night when our mother cried as she put us to sleep because we hadn’t eaten…” Or “My sister told me that my only worth in life as to become a wife and have poor babies…” Or “I was force to work in the textile factory when I was 9 years old because my little brother was starving.” Now, these are all made up situations, I only use them to illustrate what we’re looking for. A large part  of our pre-production will be the hunt for our moment-in-time that illustrates what they have at stake to build our narrative on.


We will only be able to build on the emotional hook of our video IF we tell our audience a story that has a great deal at stake, keeps them wondering what will happen next, and then shows GREAT transformation.


To pull off this concept at the level we’re wanting to execute at will be a blast, and here's what  it's going to take.



    • Finding our story: Our pre-production will start off with us finding the perfect story(s) to tell. Our team will work with Compassion to clearly define the kind of story and elements we’re looking for. From there, as the possible stories come in we will help sift through them and ultimately decide which story(s) suit our purposes well. 

    • Script writing: Once we’ve landed on the perfect story, we’ll begin the writing process. Our team will work with Compassion to craft the perfect narrative. It cannot be overstated how important the script writing part of this process will be…Our piece will live or die based on how well we nail the script’s landing. 

    • Pre-Planning the shoot: Once we have a rock solid script in hand, we’re ready to make it all happen. Shot lists. Shoot days. Travel days. Equipment needs. Talent (actual or actors). 


    • With proper pre-pro before, production like this is all about following the plan, and being able to adapt when GREAT CREATIVE options present themselves. 

    • My gut says we’ll need one day on location for planning, pre-light, and prep, 4-5 full shoot days with a 4-6 man crew. 

    • I want to shoot this on a more cinematic and versatile camera. Cameras like the Red Epic or the Arri-Alexa Mini. A camera like this will offer us a very high dynamic range, and allow for us to create beautiful imagery even in the technically less than optimal locales. 

    • I'd also love to consider shooting this whole piece in a 2.35:1 ratio...super wide screen (like the Big Oak Ranch spot below). This wideness would give for a much more cinematic feel. 

  • POST

    • Post on a piece like this is pretty straight forward. The footage will be beautiful. The story will be strong. Just cut it. Make it flow. 

    • I’d LOVE to get a custom score for this piece. With a custom score we can be very precise with EXACTLY how we want every single moment to move and flow. 

Proof for the pudding

We've done a good deal of work for Compassion in the past, and I think most of it speaks for it's self, but I wanted to feature a few of those pieces PLUS a others that showcase the our style and abilities. 

We just finished this piece for Shannon Kozee and the events team. It has a very similar theme, in that we're trying to get just sponsored.

This piece is a 50/50 mix of documentary, and live action narrative. This style relies on interviews and testimonies from the actual people with almost no pre-written script.


Note that what I'm proposing above would be much more live action heavy, say 90/10.  

This is a piece that we created for a local non-profit here in Alabama. 

This on is 100% live action, full script, every angle meticulously planned before we shot.

We have been asked to create the videos that play at the end of a few of the stories featured in the Compassion Expereience. Here are a couple:

Again these are 50/50 live action and documentary style. where as what we're pitching above is much more live action. 

Here's a "sizzle reel we created to feature some of our cinematography for Compassion. This has footage from multiple projects throughout.

The concept we're pitching above would be this kind of footage from beginning to end...even better than this in many ways. 

Here's the LUTA Clothing spot referenced above.

Thanks for your time

Again, thanks so much for allowing us (me) the opportunity to really dive in and think through all of this with/for your team. It’s one of the great joys of my life to get to work alongside Compassion to help get children sponsored. 


The campaign in particular is very special to me, because I have a three year old daughter my self. And all throughout this brainstorm process I can’t help but think of her and the great lengths I do and will go to to make sure she is safe, loved, cared for - all with the hope that ONE DAY Hope Will Find HER. It will/has been a great honor to be apart of doing that for countless girls all over the world and this campaign is no exception. 


Thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions. 


Thanks again,







Taylor Robinson




Audra Whaley




My girl.