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Compassion Animation Concept

Director's Treatment

Written by: Taylor Robinson


Recently our team created a video for a camp organization based here in Birmingham (Compassion Partner - Generate Camps).


The video is a short story that features a mix between an interview and animated cartoon. 

The process of creating this video birthed a new idea for Compassion International. So, I created this web page to kind of explain the idea. 

But first - you should watch the video that inspired the idea: 

Now that you've watched this video, I'm betting you know where my idea is headed. So, I'll keep it quick. 

Our team has interviewed dozens of people with/for Compassion International. Graduates. Sponsors. Employees. Etc. And over the years we've had the privilege of hearing and telling HUNDREDS of incredible stories from Compassion (linked below). But Compassion has never, to my knowledge, told a story in this way. 

What if we created a series of animated "cartoon" videos that tell Compassion-centric stories? 

Aside from being a fantastic way to tell powerful stories, making videos in this style could help Compassion reach new audiences and/or serve your current base in a new dynamic ways.


For example:

  • Churches could use the videos in Sunday school lessons for children

  • Sponsor families could have family viewings of the stories

  • A story video like this would disrupt your social media feeds - because it would be so different than anything else you guys typically post. This would hopefully cause people to sit around and watch the videos.

The list of stories that I personally know of that would work well in this format is TOO long to list, but here are a few of the stories that come to mind that would work well in this cartoon format:

  • Yanelli (DR) sharing her dream to become a doctor in a letter to her sponsor (in this video we made)

  • Richmond (Uganda) telling the story of how he used to hate rain storms because it meant he'd get no sleep at night - (in this video we made

  • Kiwi (Philippines) telling the story of asking her mom if she could try an apple

  • Olive (Uganda) telling the story of how she had to run away from home some nights to avoid being kidnapped by the LRA (In this video we made for the Compassion Experience)

  • Jey (Kenya) telling the story of going to jail (in this video we made)

The list goes on and on...those are just some of my favorites.

Lastly, as a video director, one of the reasons I really like this idea is because the cartoon element allows for you to visually go into detail with events that happened in the past. Sometimes it's hard to tell a simple story about a thing that happened 12 years ago to a little kid growing up in poverty (we've found some success in doing re-enactments - some of which are linked above)...but with a cartoon there are no limits and you can take your viewer "right there" instantly. 

So, that's the idea.

I've been doing this dance long enough to know I won't get out of this conversation without discussing budget. And for a video like this it's safe for me to speak in very general terms cause we're all friends here...and hopefully you guys know we love Compassion. If you were to create a video like this with our team you can expect:

  • $1,500 - $2,000 per finished minute of cartoon animation - Dwayne's story above is about 3 minutes of cartoon and 3 minutes of interviews.

  • Who's going to tell the story (audio/video) is a second factor determining budget. Do we need to shoot an interview? Could we just do it with professional voice over artists? Does the story/interview already exist on a hard-drive somewhere that we can just use? (FYI, we have all our previous projects archived - and I'm betting there are a few interviews that would work great for this idea.) 

It's safe to say that you could expect to pay $5K-10k per story you want to tell...These numbers do not include any travel or honorariums that would need to be paid. 

Thanks for your time. 


If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me:

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