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Hey Julie,

Thank you for taking some time to look through all we have to offer at Six Foot Five. We believe that every company has great stories and we love to tell them well. Below you will see a list and general budget/timeline/examples for each of the types of projects we do. We always say creative dictates budget but we also know that sometimes the budget dictates the creative. We have become experts in taking whatever budget you might find yourself working with and making it go the furthest it can, to ensure you walk away with exactly what you want and need.

Not only that, we want to promise you that the process will be as enjoyable as the final product! So please take a moment and have a look below are the different categories that our company prides itself in creating:

Live Action

This style of video is more like a movie shoot. It is the high-end production where you get exactly what you want because it offers the most control. Every shot is planned, every line written, work with professional actors, and/or the actual personalities. Every little detail is looked over with a fine tooth comb even before the camera comes out of the bag. 


The price tag on a project like this is hard to determine until the creative is decided. It all comes down to how long does our idea take to shoot, pedigree of actors wanted, etc. But you can expect something like this to be $60k+

Late in 2018, Big Oak Ranch wanted to create a piece that not only explained who they are but inspired people to get involved to help bring hope to others. For more info on this project click here

Compassion Sunday - Compassion International 

 Live Action -
Run & Gun Crew

This style of video is like the previous one but the crew is much smaller, think 3-5 people. This allows for us to utilize this same type of video for stories that are a bit smaller. With a small, versatile crew, we can typically knock out a shoot like this in just a couple of days.


Again, the price tag on a project like this is hard to determine until the creative is decided. However, videos like this typically run anywhere from $25-40k and include post. 

Nexus - Choose Life

Compassion International - Ship That Cow


One thing we have honed our skills at over the years is helping people look and sound like a rockstar. If you are looking to create a video that tells your story, documentary style, while also showing off your space, this is the perfect blend for you. We sit down with you before to hear exactly what the bullseye is and aim our arrow there during the interview(s). Then we spend a day capturing the beauty of your location to bring to life what you want the audience to feel. 


A video like this typically runs anywhere from $20-35k for a two to three day shoot and includes post.

Richmond - Compassion International 

Compassion International partnered with Beth Moore's Ministry to create a new campaign entitled "Watch Her Rise." This is the story of Merembe.

Info Graphic

This type of production, again, allows for us to control everything completely. These types of videos revolve around the script, and great motion design. We would build these spots to reflect your website and brand. This is a great way to communicate information in a cost effective way and still look super professional.

This style video is typically the most economical from the budget standpoint. You can expect a 30s spot in this style to be between $8k and $10k.


This type of video is something we’ve done a few times:

What is Radical?

Compassion International - Church Engagement

Thanks For Your Time

Again, thanks so much for giving us the time to look through what all we offer. I believe our team is uniquely positioned to step in and knock whatever type of video you need out of the park for you.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either me or Audra, our producer. Also, if you'd like to see more examples of any of the above styles, let me know. We've got more to show. 


Thanks again,


Taylor Robinson



Audra Whaley



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