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Barbara and Jeff,


I hope you are all doing well. Thank you so much for taking some time to meet with us over lunch. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation. 

I’ve spent some good time thinking about our conversation, as well as the goals you explained to us in our meeting. I really believe that Six Foot Five will make a great video/storytelling partner alongside your team.


I’ve taken some time to compile a few pieces of our work on this page to give you a good taste of our capabilities and expertise, as well as give you a general idea of ways we could see these three videos unfolding.

Everything you see below are pieces we wrote, directed, and edited. 

More than a job video

People, particularly millennials, are looking for fun and exciting jobs. Jobs where they can be challenged, heard, valued and respected. A job where they cannot only see themselves now but also in the future.

In this video, we will capture a myriad of BBVA employees starting from entry level positions and progress our way to higher positions showing that the sky is the limit because at BBVA, "You get more than just a job. You start a career that lasts a lifetime."

Here are a few pieces we've written/directed/edited for other companies that are in a similar style:

Sometimes an idea just calls for beautiful people doing interesting things in a interesting place. Here's one of those for UAB.

This video highlights that pharmacy is more than just counting pills. We created this for the McWhorter School of Pharmacy at Samford.

Samford University wanted to create a video that highlighted the variety of opportunity at their university.

BE The Executive

First and foremost, we pride ourselves in being great storytellers. We believe the most powerful way to communicate ANYTHING is by telling a story about it well.

We also understand how create videos that get to the HEART of WHY you do what you do. If you're looking to connect with potential employees in personal ways, you have to tell stories that get to the core of who they are.


We’ve told stories all over the world about a myriad of subjects. We understand how to connect people to the raw human elements of any product, cause, or place through well crafted stories. 

A well told story doesn't happen by accident. We’ve been working hard for a few decades to be excellent at it.  That being said, we see this video highlighting current employees and their love BBVA. Think beautiful people in beautiful places. We shoot them in their space, doing the job they love with the team they love. We want this to feel authentic and show how truly great it is to work at BBVA.

Here are a few pieces we've written/directed/edited for other companies:

This is an internal spot we created for SPOC Automation. This piece is designed for new employees at SPOC to inspire them to do great work.

Money Management Services asked us to write a 30 second TV spot that would cut to the heart of the baby boomer generation.

This is the piece we created for Sunburst Financial. They asked us to create a simple piece that gets to the heart of WHY they do what they do. 

ReinvenT Banking

Often times a great idea starts with a great script. We’re great at boiling information down to it’s fewest, most powerful words. We aim to keep things simple, clear, and most important enjoyable. 

In this video, we would write a script that focuses on the future of banking and how "you" can be the person creating the change. We want to show potential BBVA visionaries that they have a place in cutting edge technology that revolutionizes the world and serves people. It would have an emotive music that moves the whole piece. We would want to capture the beauty and facilities in this piece to show the cutting edge of BBVA.

Below are a few pieces we wrote that deliver their "important information" in unique and creative ways:

Here's a simple promo we created for a gym to help get new clients through highlighting the heart behind becoming fit.

Most writers would say that comedy is the hardest thing to write in advertising. Here's a promo we wrote/shot about beards for a software company.

American Printing Company asked for a commercial that highlights not only their history but their progress moving forward.

Thanks for your time

As you can see from above, these are general concepts and we can flesh them out as begin the process of writing the scripts. In order to capture everything we will need for these three videos, we will need 5 days of filming with a medium size crew. Depending on the look and feel of the location, 1-2 will be shot in Houston and the remaining videos shot here in Birmingham. Overall, depending on the creative, we believe the budget will fall somewhere between $65-90k. 

Again, we’d love to continue the conversation. I believe our team is uniquely positioned to step in and knock this out of the park for you and BBVA. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either me or our producer, Audra Whaley.

Thanks again,

Taylor Robinson


Audra Whaley


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