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Hey Daniel,

I didn't want to overload an email to you with a bunch of links, so I just decided to created this webpage to help you understand what I'm thinking for your project. 

Our in-house director, Taylor Robinson, is a perfect fit to come along side you to knock this project out of the park. As you can see below, he has directed a number of projects, including one for Valvoline. In addition to Taylor we have a very "deep bench" of talented technicians/artist that we partner with on a regular basis. We try to craft every crew specifically based on what the client is trying to accomplish

With that being said, I've already talked through your project with Taylor, and below are who he and I think would be a great fit for your production in the roles of DP, Steadi op, and drone ops.  So here goes:


Taylor Robinson (selected work)


Cinematographer: ​ 

Kris Kimlin (selected works)


Steady Cam: 

Clay Loveless

Clients: ESPN, FOX Sports, Valvoline, Sonly Pictures, NCAA, Erwin Brothers, Avadian


Drone Ops: 


FAA PART 107 CERTIFIED PILOTS who have shot all over the world

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for taking the time to go through all of this. Hopefully, I've done a good job communicating the fact that we are a very versatile bunch. We scale up and scale down as needed for each production. 

Most importantly, at Six Foot Five we work tirelessly to make sure the process is just as enjoyable as the finished product. We're a good hang - and that goes a long way in this business. That's one of the reasons we have so many repeat clients.

If you have any questions or need absolutely anything, please feel free to email me ( or call my cell at (940) 395-1330.

Audra Whaley

Producer / Head of Production


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